USA Immigration

As we all know the USA is referred to as the land of opportunity, the land of milk and honey. People come to the USA in search of better employment opportunities and more money. Many people looking to relocate to USA feel that there are far more opportunities and prospect in the USA, dreams that they were unable to fulfil in their own country.

Whatever your reasons of moving to the USA are, our specialist team are aware that it represents a fresh start under one of the best political systems in the world that makes it much easier for immigrants to start a new life and make their dreams come true.

Your USA journey starts here!

As a specialist in this field we have helped thousands of people and their families who thought they had little or no chance settle in the USA so whether you are drawn to their educational system or consider yourself an entrepreneur or simply require our assistance in putting together a water proof application for a work permit, our team of specialist can help you explore all available options. You can be sure to receive an In-depth consultation of your case along with advice on the most desirable and realistic route.

Future World Immigration offers a range of services tailored to meet all levels of need, from managing your application fully to answering questions you may have or even checking an application you have prepared yourself.

Immigration Services

  • Tourist Visa (B2)
  • Short Business Visit (B1)
  • B1 Inlieu of H1B
  • H1B Work Permit
  • L1A Company Transfer
  • L1B Company Transfer
  • E2 Investor Visa
  • E1 Visa
  • EB5 Visa
  • K3 & K4 Spousal Visa
  • Greencard for Immediate Relative of a U.S Citizen
  • K1 Finace’ Visa